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Examination Rules & Regulation for NOUN Student

December 3, 2022

"Where there is no law, lawlessness will abound," goes the saying.

For this reason, the National Open University of Nigeria has set up rules and regulations to guide both students and invigilators during exams.

We will be stating the rules in two (2) forms. First the rules as written on NOUN's agreement form and the other a general rule to all study centre.

Please review and take heed of the following examination rules, and ask the examination invigilator if you have questions:


1. I understand that I shall not be allowed into the examination venue unless I present my School ID card, (duly signed) examination registration printout and the NOUN Student Rules Agreement Form (optional).

2. I understand that I shall present my examination registration printout and copies of the Student’s Rule Agreement for signing/stamping every semester at the Study Centre BEFORE the commencement of examination, and that I have responsibility to preserve same throughout the examination and after, failing which I shall be sanctioned.

3. I will NOT write or inscribe on the walls of the examination hall, tables, or chairs.

4. I pledge to abide, unconditionally, by all the instructions that may be issued by the university authority and her authorized agents from time to time for the orderly conduct of examinations.

5. I also pledge NOT to insult, disrespect or harassthe examination invigilators, otherstaff orstudent of the university, before, during, or after the examination.

6. On no account shall I talk to a student or have a discussion in the hall without the express permission of the invigilator.

If there is need of clarification/assistance of an issue, I shall seek the attention of an invigilator.

7. I shall NOT write on my examination registration printout/Rules Agreement, question papers or the desk provided for the examination. I also have a responsibility that NO prepared in the form of book, sheet, jottings or electronic devices are on me once I have been checked into the examination hall.

8. I will NOT take the following types of personal items into the examination hall: cellular phones, hand wallets, purses, hats (and other head coverings), bags, coats, books and notes.

9. Studying is not allowed in the examination centre. In addition pencils shall not be allowed for the e‐examination.

10. I will store these items outside the examination hall: cellular phone, papers and other electronic devices must be turned off prior to placing them in the designated secure area.

The examination centre is not responsible for the lost or misplaced personal items.

11. If I am given an erasable note board or an examination‐specific material, I will not use them until the Examination has started, I will not remove these items from the testing room at any time during the examination, and I will return them to the invigilator immediately after the examinations.

12. Students are expected to be punctual for all examinations; I shall NOT be allowed into the examination hall 30 minutes after the commencement of any examination.

The invigilator will monitor me continuously while I take my examination.

The session may be videotaped or otherwise recorded for security or other purposes.

13. If I experience problems that affect my ability to take the examination, I will notify the invigilator immediately.

Click the link below to download the agreement form


Students are by this notice informed that all rules guiding the conduct of NOUN examination still stand.

You are all advised to go through the rules as stated above.

Also note that students without laminated clearance will not be allowed into the exam hall.

Smart watches, ear pods, phones remain prohibited, no face cap, no calculator as this is on the system for those taking e-exam, indecent dressing is prohibited, no late entry except where there are batches.

You are advised to go through the final timetable again.


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