Generate Your NOUN Examination Clearance Slip & Submit For Approval

NOUN Examination Clearance Slip is a crucial document that validates a student's eligibility for examinations at the National Open University of Nigeria. It plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the examination process, ensuring fairness, and facilitating efficient planning and administration of examinations. Students should ensure they obtain and keep their clearance slips to avoid any inconvenience or complications during examination sessions.

Student Examination Clearance Form

Fill out the form below


  1. Fill the form above by entering the required details

  2. Attach your current passport photograph

  3. Click the "Generate Clearance Slip" button to download your filled clearance

  4. Take to your study centre for further processing


Students are hereby advised to come along with the following documents for clearance.

  1. Current E-wallets showing payments, expenditures, courses and exam registration with final balance.

  2. A copy of examination rules and regulations – click here to download NOUN Students Rules Agreement FORM

  3. Any Negative balance in the e-wallet should be paid off before coming for clearance.

  4. Some study centre require you to only attach your Examination registration slip which can be printed from your student portal


The NOUN Examination Clearance Slip is an essential document for students enrolled in the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). This clearance slip serves as proof that a student has fulfilled all the necessary requirements and is eligible to sit for the upcoming examinations. It is a document that holds significant importance and is required for every examination session.

The use of the NOUN Examination Clearance Slip ensures a smooth and organized examination process.
Here are a few key points explaining its use and importance:

  1. Verification of Eligibility: The clearance slip acts as a verification document that confirms a student's eligibility to take the examinations. It ensures that the student has met all the prerequisites, such as course registration, payment of necessary fees, and submission of assignments.

  2. Access to Examination Centres: Only students with a valid clearance slip are granted access to the designated examination study centres. This helps in maintaining a controlled environment and prevents unauthorized individuals from participating in the examinations.

  3. Efficient Examination Planning: The clearance slip enables the university to plan and allocate resources effectively for each examination session. It assists in determining the number of students, examination materials, invigilators, and other logistical requirements.

  4. Academic Integrity: By enforcing the requirement of a clearance slip, NOUN ensures the integrity of the examination process. It helps prevent cases of impersonation and ensures that only eligible students take the exams, maintaining the credibility of the university's assessment system.

  5. Record Keeping: The clearance slip serves as a record of a student's examination eligibility for future reference. It can be used by the university's administration, academic advisors, and students themselves as proof of completion of requirements for a specific examination session.

  6. Transparency and Accountability: The use of a clearance slip promotes transparency and accountability in the examination process. It ensures that all students are treated fairly and consistently, as the same rules and requirements apply to every student.

Notice: All students are implored to start their examination clearance as soon as they have registered for their courses and examinations to prevent die minute clearance signing and stamping (processes) which tends to affect students' examination.

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