Generate Your Project Slip & Submit For Approval

Are you a student working on a research project? We've got you covered! Introducing our new feature - Project Slip Generation. Now, you can easily generate a professional project slip and submit it for approval.

Generate Your Project Slip & Submit For Approval

Fill out the form below


  1. Get three (3) suitable topics from our project and seminar page

  2. Select about 3 topics of your interest from the project topics page

  3. Type them on the topic (1, 2 & 3) section and fill other details out on the form above accordingly

  4. Click the "Generate Slip" button and download the pdf file

  5. Print and take the generated document to your study centre and wait for the supervisor to approve one of the topics.

  6. Once approved, send the approved topic to us on WhatsApp – 08181483701 – to get the complete material or let our professional writers handle the project research

That’s all, and you are good to go. T & C Apply


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