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🔍 Research Seminars Conducted by NOUN Programmes and Their Course Codes 🔍

Research seminars serve as platforms for scholars and students to present their ongoing research, share insights, and engage in intellectual discussions. Here is a comprehensive list of NOUN programmes that conduct research seminars, along with their corresponding course codes:

1. B.Sc. Entrepreneurship (Seminar in Entrepreneurship)
- Course Code: ENT412

2. B.Sc. Biology (Research Seminar for Biology)
- Course Code: BIO409

3. B.Sc. Chemistry (Seminar in Chemistry)
- Course Code: CHM400

4. B.Sc. Tourism (Seminar In Tourism Studies)
- Course Code: TSM447

5. B.Sc. International Relations Studies (Seminar Presentation In International And Diplomatic Studies)
- Course Code: INR421

6. BNSc. Nursing (Seminar in Nursing)
- Course Code: NSC418

7. B.Sc. Public Health (Seminars In Core Areas Of Public Health)
- Course Code: PHS512

8. B.Sc. Public Health (Seminars In Public Health)
- Course Code: PHS305

9. B.Sc. (Ed) Early Chidhood Education (Seminar In Early Chidhood Education)
- Course Code: ECE420

10. B.Sc. (Ed) Primary Education (Seminar In Primary Education)
- Course Code: PED423

11. B.Sc. (Ed) Business Education (Seminar In Business Education)
- Course Code: BED412

12. M.ED. Educational Technology
- Course Code: EDT823

13. M.ED. Guidance & Counselling (Graduate Seminar)
- Course Code: EGC810

14. B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural Development (Cooperative Seminar)
- Course Code: CRD409/COP418

15. M.ED. Administration & Planning (Seminars)
- Course Code: EDA823

16. M.Sc. Business Administration (M.Sc. Seminar)
- Course Code: BUS887

17. Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Graduate Seminar In Business Administration)
- Course Code: MBA888

18. Masters Business Administration (Seminar In Organisational Behaviour)
- Course Code: MBA837

19. M.ED. Science Education (Graduate Seminar)
- Course Code: SED800

20. B.Sc. Computer Science & Communication /Information Technology (Seminar on Emerging Technologies)
- Course Code: CIT403

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, as NOUN offers research seminars in various other disciplines as well. These course codes will help you identify specific research seminar opportunities within your chosen programme.

Research seminars are crucial for fostering academic growth, exchanging ideas, and staying updated with the latest research trends. Attending these seminars allows you to broaden your knowledge, gain insights from experts, and build connections within your field of interest.

For more detailed information about research seminars and their schedules, we recommend contacting the university's administration directly.

Wishing you all the best in exploring and participating in the research seminars offered by NOUN!

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