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NYSC Procedure For NOUN Graduates: A Comprehensive Guide To Obtaining An Exclusion Letter

July 11, 2023

Completing your higher education is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and for graduates of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), the next step towards professional growth and personal development is obtaining an Exclusion Letter from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). We will guide NOUN graduates through the NYSC procedure to obtain their Exclusion Letter, ensuring a smooth transition into the post-graduation phase.

Online Registration:
The first step for NOUN graduates is to visit the NYSC portal (https://portal.Nysc.Org.Ng/) and create an account. Provide the required information and generate a unique identification number (NYSC Call-Up Number). Keep this number safe, as it will be used throughout the NYSC process.

Document Verification:
After online registration, NOUN graduates need to proceed to their study centre or NOUN headquarters for document verification. The required documents may include a printout of the NYSC online registration slip, originals and photocopies of academic credentials, passport photographs, and other relevant identification documents. Ensure all documents are complete and meet the specified requirements.

Requesting Exclusion Letter:
As NOUN graduates are exempted from the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps program, they are eligible to request an Exclusion Letter. Submit a formal application for an Exclusion Letter at the NYSC office or NOUN headquarters through your study centre. Provide all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, to support your application.

Processing and Collection:
The NYSC office will process your application for the Exclusion Letter. This process may take some time, so it is essential to be patient. Once the processing is complete, you will be notified to collect your Exclusion Letter. Visit the NYSC office/website or NOUN headquarters to receive the letter in person. Ensure you have the necessary identification documents when collecting the Exclusion Letter.

Utilizing the Exclusion Letter:
The Exclusion Letter serves as proof that you have been exempted from the NYSC program. It is an important document for future employment opportunities and further studies. Keep the Exclusion Letter in a safe place, and make certified copies as needed for various purposes.

NYSC Registration Procedure For NOUN Graduates

1. Visit http://portal.Nysc.Org.Ng
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Check Senate List or its equivalents (http://portal.Nysc.Org.Ng/nysc3/VerifySenateLists.Aspx) to confirm your details
3. Select 'Mobilization Batch 'B,' 2023.
4. Click on ‘Fresh Registration’ which will redirect you to the next page (Initiate account Creation)
5. Fill in the required details and click on ‘Continue’
6. Confirm your email address by clicking on the URL to continue with the creation/registration of your NYSC account.
7. Enter the necessary information (ignoring the JAMB Regularization No.) and then click 'Submit and Continue.'
8. You will be redirected to the Payment Page (choose your preferred payment options)
9. Proceed to make the payment. (payment is usually less than N3000, excluding cybercafé charges.)

For graduates of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), obtaining an Exclusion Letter from the NYSC is a crucial step after completing their higher education. By following the outlined procedure, NOUN graduates can ensure a seamless process for obtaining the Exclusion Letter. The Exclusion Letter serves as official documentation of exemption from the NYSC program and is valuable for future career prospects. Embrace this phase of your journey with confidence, knowing that you have fulfilled the necessary requirements and are ready to embark on the next chapter of your life.
Best of luck in your future endeavours!


NYSC Procedure For NOUN Graduates: A Comprehensive Guide To Obtaining An Exclusion Letter

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