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NOUN Portal Registration Procedure For Returning Students

December 13, 2022

Every semester, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) expects her students to update/reset their portal in order to be able to login and access the nouonline site.

NOTE: Students are expected to do this themselves or find someone trusted who can handle it properly. In the process of filling out the necessary details on the registration form, please avoid problems with unconforming passwords at the new and confirm password sections; however, if you are sure both passwords are the same then proceed to click submit.

Below are the things to know and necessary steps to follow;


Portal Registration Is also Known as Portal Update Access/ Portal Activation Access / Student Portal Sign-up Access.

Note:- Course & exams registration are different operations that can be carried out on the same portal but after login into your student portal.

Step by Step Procedure for Portal Registration for Returning students

1. Open any web browser on your phone

2. Type www.Nouonline.Net in front of https:// then click search

3. Click On Students on the portal

4. Click On Register. This will take you to the page where a will be displayed.

5. Carefully, Fill The Form

Note: You can use any character (alphabets, number, symbol, or combination of all) as your new password but be careful while inputting your new password and ensure same password is typed for confirm password.

6. Click the Submit button below

7. After submission you will see successful at the buttom of the page

8. Go back again click on Students login with your matric number and password that you just created.

Watch the YOUTUBE video below to for more understanding



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