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World Bank Team Reviews Environmental, Social Safeguards At Acetel's Building Site

March 6, 2024

In a bid to ensure responsible and sustainable development practices, the World Bank Environmental and Social Safeguards team has visited the building site of the Africa Centre of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning (ACETEL), situated at the headquarters of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Abuja.

The sole purpose of the visitors was to assess the project's adherence to environmental and social safeguards, as the team focused on ensuring that the construction process minimises adverse effect on the environment.

The World Bank team led by the duo of environmental experts, Mr. Elijah Siakpere and Mr. Ahmed C. Abdullahi, evaluated the project's compliance with these safeguards to ensure the protection of the environment and workers' welfare.

They examined a number of areas, such as waste disposal systems, water management, and the application of health and safety regulations.

The team also ensured that there was very minimal negative impact on the local ecology that include managing hazardous materials responsibly, reducing noise and dust pollution, and protecting the environment.

NOUN, in collaboration with the World Bank, has prioritised incorporating stringent environmental and social safeguard measures into the construction of ACETEL's building, according to the ACETEL director, Prof. Grace Jokthan.

She underscored the university's unwavering commitment to global sustainability goals and emphasised the significance of preserving natural surroundings while prioritising the well-being of engineers and day workers on site.

Jokthan stressed that a thorough evaluation of ACETEL's initiatives and stakeholder participation were crucial for ensuring a clear understanding of the directorate's strategy for social and environmental protection.

'The objective is to work together productively in creating a future where environmental sustainability coexists with educational progress,' the director said.

The event marked an essential turning point in ACETEL's journey towards responsible development as it aligns with international standards, she added.

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